Best Nightstand Gun Safe 2022 Reviews & Guide Quickly Accessible

Looking for best nightstand gun safe reviews? It is not good to place your firearms in such insecure places, including a drawer or a cabinet. Especially when you’ve kids, or at home, or even some time accidental shoots can happen due to this unserious attitude towards gun placement. First of all, stop taking it lightly and think wisely about where to place it.

Thinking about the safest place for your gun, which is unapproachable by kids or other members? No worries in this article we’ll discuss the best nightstand gun safe that will help keep your gun safe and protected. Moreover one can easily mount it anywhere, including your bedroom, offices, or any place where you spend most of the time.

However, gun safety is the ultimate solution for all those who always find it a problem to carry a gun and keep it safe. With the gun safe, one can easily keep it at the most reliable place where you can reach out quickly.

Best Things Of Nightstand Gun Safe

There are so many benefits of best nightstand gun safe that will surely make you amaze and stress-free at the same time. Following are the best things about Nightstand gun safe:

  • It provides easy yet quick access to the weapon whenever required.
  • The nightstand gun safes are designed in a way to ensure high security and safety to your firearms.
  • When you have a nightstand gun safe, don’t worry about a gun robbery at all. Your weapon is already in the safe hands you can say.
  • It helps keep your family member or kids from any danger related to the gun, including accidental gunshots.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe

It is one of the best nightstand gun safes in the market with biometric technology and advanced features. It comes with the biometric fingerprint scanner and the activation button, so no unauthorized person will be allowed to reach out to your weapon. Due to the biometric feature, you’ll not need to spend minutes while typing the code.

Just touch the finger with a scanner, and your gun will come out without wasting a single second. It has a solid construction and such innovative design that could impress you for sure and make it hard for the thief or the kids to have access to the gun.

Don’t worry about the scratching because gun safety already has foam lining inside to keep the weapon safe from any damage. However, the safety doors are mainly gravity open doors because the spring ones take so much time and slow as well. Furthermore, the designer has made it in an excellent ergonomic style, so you’ll not need to put so much effort while grabbing the gun.

Key Features

  • It has an impressive design and robust construction.
  • The gun safe comes with the foam lining.It contains backup emergency keys.
  • It is based on a biometric verification security system.
  • The safe has interior lightning that helps to use it in the dark.

SentrySafe Biometric Fingerprint GunSafe

No other gun safe can beath this one when it comes to high storage and fantastic security. It is made up of thickest steel and allows the user to place two guns at a time. It comes with excellent storage space. The gun safe is based on the advanced security features and fantastic design.

It contains a gas strut that helps to open the door quickly yet instantly without wasting a single second. It has excellent strength and quality. It includes a fingerprint scanner for high security and protection. The copper strip under the strip where you place your finger detects the print and start the process.

In this way, you’ll save time and get the gun without any hassle, unlike the traditional ones where the code entering process takes too long. It is best to use when you have kids at home or the short-tempered members. It is completely silent and does not make any noise while operating.

Key Features

  • It has silent entry.
  • The gun safe is durable.
  • It comes with the gas-powered door to reach out to the gun quickly.
  • The gun safe construction is robust yet reliable.
  • It contains an excellent biometric scanner.
  • The gun safe has backup keys for emergencies.
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BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box

This safe box can easily place into any drawer, cabinet, or mounted at the floor or walls where you need it. It comes with a highly engineered design and fantastic construction. It is based on biometric fingerprint technology, so no other person will be allowed to reach your private property. It can store the 30 different fingerprints.

It is best to save your weapons includes guns, pistol, and other small firearms. To open the safe box, all you need to do is touch the scanner, and safe will be open within 3 seconds. It uses 4 AA batteries that give power to the reader and lasts long for two years almost. However, you can reach to the pistol when battery down by using the backup keys. It has a silent mode, so don’t worry about noise while opening or closing the box.

Key Features

  • It is designed to fit the drawer perfectly.
  • The safe box comes with two steel locking bolts.
  • It can store 30 different fingerprints.
  • The safe box contains three mounting holes.
  • It provides safety backup keys.
  • This product has one year of warranty life.

AmazonBasics Biometric Safety Box – Best for Pistol

This safety box is another best on the list. It comes with high security to store all the essential firearms in the box without any hassle. It can keep documents and firearms. It has a pry-resistant door and is made up of high-quality dual layering steel. The box comes with whisper-quiet rubber buttons that are too quiet and open the lock instantly.

Furthermore, the safe box keypad allows a single entry only. It contains a biometric fingerprint sensor that works efficiently and takes only 1 second to scan your fingerprint. Once it detects your fingerprint, the box will get open quickly. The box can store 50 individual fingerprints.

However, the touch works for a lifetime, which is quite impressive. It has a durable design that protects firearms against unauthorized persons. Due to the floor mounting option, you can easily attach it to the floor with an agile approach.

Key Features

  • It has a whisper-quiet operation.
  • The scanner has a lifetime warranty.
  • It comes with a high protection and security feature.
  • The storage space is up to the mark.
  • It contains a pry-resistant door.
  • The box has one year of warranty life.

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

Those who require an efficient portable gun safe must go for this. It comes with a four-digit keypad where you can place the password in between 3-8 digits. The interior of the box is covered with high-quality foam, which means you don’t need to worry about scratching or gun damage.

It comes with a spring-loaded door that provides you with easy and quick access to the gun. Just enter the code and reach out to the firearm with the speed of light. It utilizes two A batteries to run the box, which lasts for years. It has no see keypad that keeps it safe from the eye of thieves.

Furthermore, with the mounting holes in the box, you can easily attach it to the wall, car, office, or any place wherever you want. Due to the small size of the box, it will not be visible and easily be hidden at the site without catching any spotlight.

Key Features

  • It has not seen the keypad.
  • The interior of the box has excellent storage space.
  • It keeps the gun safe from any damage.
  • It is small, so quickly hides in any place.
  • The product is quite affordable.

SnapSafe Gun Safe TSA Combination Lock Box

Gun owners take their guns everywhere; however, at someplace, you are not supposed to carry the weapon. For this purpose, all you need is a gun safe. This is one of the best gun safes that is quite portable and comes with excellent features.

It allows the user to carry the box easily anywhere on the go in case required. One can easily fit it in the suitcase, car, under-car seat, drawer, and where you need it. Furthermore, it allows the user to place the small important stuff, including guns, medications, cash, jewelry, passports, and much more. It is based on advanced quality security features and excellent quality material.

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The construction is undoubtedly reliable, but the weight is portable, so you do not feel any hassle while taking it anyplace. It contains a security cable that provides extra protection. Due to the thick protective foam inside, there is no chance of any scratch or damage.

Key Features

  • It is an excellent travel companion.
  • The box has lightweight.
  • It has excellent storage and high-quality foam inside.
  • The gun safe delivers high protection.
  • It comes with scratch protection capability.
  • It is based on the TSA combination lock.

RPNB Gun Safe – Best for Handgun and Pistols

The second last incredible gun safe on our list is the RPND Gun safe which comes with robust quality and stunning features. It comes with a key fob that helps to open the lid instantly without any issues. One can program at least 4 RFID tags, but not more than this will be allowed.

It also provides the option to open the box with the three-digit keypad or conventional key lock. It comes with anti-theft protection and a tamper-proof body. The body is made up of steel that protects the box from any breakage or scratch. It contains anti-impact latches on the box.

Due to the power coat finishing, don’t worry about the box corrosion issue. It delivers long-lasting protection to the gun and other small essential objects. Forget to lock the safe? Don’t worry, and it will be automatically closed through the phone virtually. It meets all the TSA requirements for gun safety. It is based on the 4 New AAA batteries that last long. However, the three digits key is resettable.

Key Features

  • It comes with three methods of fast entry.
  • The precut has high anti-theft protection.
  • It is reliable and robust.
  • The box contains a mobile security feature.
  • The warranty life is for one year.

Vaultek Lifepod Waterproof HandGun Lock Box

It is the last incredible product on our list with some attractive features and substantial build-up. It comes with a built-in lock system and fantastic portability. It is based on the anti-impact latch design and comes with a made-in lock system that adds security whenever required.

It has a fast lifespan for high security. It came with a touch-activated keypad and a backlit LED. Just select the entry code and unlock the safe within seconds. The product has lightweight, so you can easily carry it from one place to another. The safe has high-quality strength, so it does not break easily. One can use it without a battery as well.

The case is waterproof, so don’t worry while taking it in stormy weather conditions, your gun will stay safe and protected. The front rubber contains the USB port, which helps to power the unit in the dead battery issue. Due to the unique lock key feature, you’ll be able to stop the lock from being picked open.

Key Features

  • It is portable.
  • The product comes with a unique lock key feature.
  • It has an LED-backlit feature.
  • The safe is made up of sturdy material.

Need To Know Before Buying Best Nightstand Gun Safe

There are thousands of products available in the market, but choosing the accurate one will be difficult. No worries, we’ve got you covered already. We’ve made a list of the features that you need to check before purchasing the best nightstand gun safe. However, the details will help you to choose the right one on the go.

The Acess

Before buying the product, make sure to check if providing easy access to the gun or opening the box is hassle-free. It is essential to get the weapon quickly whenever required; otherwise, it will have no use. The traditional gun safe has a heavyweight and complicated locking system that takes too long to open.

However, the biometric or other locking system is best to get the gun within seconds. Buy the one which you can store in any nearby drawer or mount it at any place. Don’t forget to quickly check if the safe has an LED backlight to open in the dark and backup keys.

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The Quality

The next thing that matters the most is the quality of the best nightstand gun safe. Buy the one that comes with sturdy construction. It will be useful if you go for the steel material instead of others due to its high durability and reliable quality. But don’t sacrifice protection to get the sturdy material. Buy the one that provides high-quality protection and makes up of supreme material as well.

The Storage

Some people required a gun safe with an excellent room to keep the gun and other small objects while others are okay with the one gun space box. Get the one that goes with your requirements. We’ve mentioned above both guns are safe that have high and moderate storage.

Mounting Option

Check if the gun safe has the mounting option or not. Get the one that has mounting holes to attach the box at any place. However, the box with the mounting option is best due to its fantastic easy-to-access feature, and one can quickly put them anywhere nearby to get the gun in an emergency.

Biometric Lock

Get the product that comes with the biometric verification system to open the box without any issue quickly. However, dialing the code on the keypad could take so much time to get the one with the biometric system. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner provides high-security features and gives excellent protection. Furthermore, no thief will be able to access the gun and other crucial objects in the box.

Silent Mode

Find the safe box with the silent mode so it will not make any noise while opening. Furthermore, due to the quiet operation, no other person will get disturbed or know about it. Buy the one that comes with the noise-free keypad and smooth processing system.

The Warranty

Don’t forget to check the assurance of the box. If the box does not come with any warranty, we’d recommend that you not go for it because this will create trouble for you later. Buy the one with at least one year of warranty life.

Best Nightstand Gun Safe FAQS

What are the benefits of the best nightstand gun safe?

The gun safe will provide secure and fast access to the gun safe. It is the best choice to use for gun safety and helps you to hide it from unauthorized persons plus kids.

What are the features to check while buying the gun safe?

Ensure that the best nightstand gun safe comes with easy access, an excellent security system, interior foam, and lightning plus silent mode.

Do these gun safes work or not?

When it comes to safety and protection, the gun safe does not disappoint us at all. Almost each of the safe gun boxes comes with advanced security features that allow authorized persons to reach out at the gun, and no other person will be allowed to touch the box.

Can we sleep with the loaded gun under the pillow?

Definitely no. It is not safe to place the gun inside the pillow while sleeping. You might get injured due to the gunshot when you turn over during sleep. Make sure to put the gun safe, which is the right place for them.

Final Verdict

In this article, we’ve discussed eh few best nightstand gun safes. Being a gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep the kids, other family members, and even yourself safe from accidental gunshots. For this purpose, all you need is the best nightstand gun safe that works perfectly to keep the firearm safe yet secure.

However, we’ve mentioned the critical detail about the best gun safe above, so choose the one that goes with your requirements and needs. Moreover, gun safety is the big thing in the market these days due to its high-end security features and fantastic weapon safety. One can place this gun safely anywhere on the go.