The 8 Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits 2022 Reviews

Looking for best shotgun cleaning kits reviews and buying guide? A shotgun is a high maintenance device that needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure its proper functioning. At a minimum, it is recommended to use a lubricated muslin cloth to wipe down the gun each time you go for a hunt.

The high force and tension within the gun are the biggest reasons for carbon accumulation. The bore and the nozzle require cleaning at regular intervals to make sure the target is precisely hit. A proper gun cleaning kit makes sure you have all the tools required for cleaning at your disposal.

Short Reviews of 8 Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits

According to a customer review, the shotgun cleaning kits is an amazing investment that surely assists in cleaning all aspects of a shotgun. The shotgun cleaning kit is divided into various parts which are great as it has an allotted area for each toll.

The tools are precise and of varying sizes which endure guns with varying calibers can be cleaned effectively. There are numerous patches provided to clean the bore effectively and the cleaning brushed deeply penetrates into the bore. The bore is cleaned without any scratches and a strong solvent also acts as a fine cleaning solution to provide deep cleaning.

Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Cleaning Kit

Real Avid gun cleaning kit is known for its quality and the amazing feature it provides for user’s convenience. This kit is highly durable and it is made up of a good-quality material to add to its longevity. It uses 45, 40, 357, 38, 380, 9MM, 30, 308, 7.62, 270, 7MM, 243, 260, 6.5MM, 223, 556, and 22 Caliber Rifles and Handguns.

Most kits come in a cheap plastic bad or an ill quality bag with no specific compartments. However, the real avid universal gun cleaning kit comes in a high-quality box that has separate compartments for each tool to avoid spillage.

You can now preserve all your tools without worrying about them getting lost. The cleaning rods within this kit are highly durable and high-quality as they are made up of brass. Brass is the only metal that is compatible with guns as it does not scratch them.

The screw rods, the cleaning rods, jags, and slots are of standard size that works efficiently on all sizes of shotguns. It comes with a game-changing handle and other materials that are essential when cleaning a shotgun. This gets caters to cleaning various sizes of shotguns and calibers. It also comes with punching pins, one rotator receiver, cleaning patches, a solvent as well as a lubricant.

Wydan Universal Shotgun & Pistol Cleaning Kit

The Wydan universal gun cleaning kit is the most picked pistol cleaning kit as it is standard in size and contains all the necessary tools one can think of. This gun cleaning kit is compatible with most calibers of the shotgun ranging from 22 to 45.

The compact black nylon pouch is highly efficient as it contains separate compartments for all the tools. It comes with bronze brushes which is beneficial for the user as it would not scratch the bore or gun overall. It comes with two brass rods as well as two plastic slotted tips.

The brass rods are highly efficient as they deeply penetrate within the barrel of the gun without even damaging it slightly. The overall weight of the kit is super light which allows it to be carried easily on different locations.

The shotgun is small and compact; hence, it also requires timely cleaning. You can carry this kit whenever on a hunt and clean the shotgun between each fire quickly. The black pouch comes with elastic which segregate each tool and provide separate space for storage. This gun cleaning kit is quite functional and easy on the pocket.

DAC Winchester Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

DAC Winchester gun cleaning kit is a highly functional kit which consists of all the possible tools, one can think of. The gun cleaning kit comes within a soft-sided pouch with plastic compartments for effective segregation.

Each tool has a set place within the pouch which ensures no tool is lost. The case comes with 68 pieces of tools that provide precise cleaning for the shotgun of varying calibers. The bore brush is useful in scrubbing the bore and making sure all the dirt content is out of it.

It also comes with a variety of extra patches that can be used over an extended period to ensure precise gun cleaning. The cleaning rods and slotted tips are made up of brass to ensure no surface within the gun and over the gun are damaged. It also comes with four brass adaptors, mechanized aluminum handles, as well as double, ended metal cleaning pick to ensure the device is cleaned skillfully.

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Despite having 68 pieces in the pouch, the pouch is extremely light-weight and waterproof to make sure the user can carry it with ease, and also its durability is maintained.

Hoppe’s Clamshell 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Hoppe’s clamshell kit is a precise yet functional kit that contains few cleaning tools that are enough to clean a shotgun on the spot. The Hoppe’s Clamshell cleaning kit is an amazingly effective kit that is used to clean the bore and nozzle of the kit.

Usually, when going for a hunt, a proper kit is required to clean the kit rapidly. The kit needs to be precise otherwise it will be difficult to search for items and clean it on spot. The kit comes in a plastic clamshell packaging with a segregated compartment for each tool. It also comes with lubricating oil which is required to wipe the gun after each use.

The solvent that the kit provides is quite strong and functional as it cleans the kit exceptionally. It also comes with a cleaning rod and a bore brush with adjustable handles to cater to as many gun sizes as possible. This kit is so small and precise which makes it perfect to be carried to the field.

Its small tools and selective items make it easier to clean the gun without hunting through numerous tools. This cleaning kit aims to clean a 12-gauge shotgun.

Real Avid Universal 12 & 20 Cleaning Kit

Real avid gun boss universal gun cleaning kit is one of the most popular amongst the gun cleaning kits due to the selection of tools as well as the quality. The kit comes encased in a bright color nylon pouch which is weatherproof as well.

The kit is super light-weight which makes it suitable for carrying to the field and using it on spot. The nylon case is supreme quality and has separate divisions for each tool. The pouch is extremely durable and high-quality which lasts for a longer period of time. It consists of T-handles as well as plastic-coated rods that enable the user to deeply penetrate into the bore and clean it rapidly.

It contains nylon slotted tips as well as phosphorous bronze brushes to enable efficient cleaning without damaging the exterior of the gun. It contains 20 as well a 12-gauge brush which supports the cleaning phenomena of a shotgun.

The kit also contains a strong solvent that can be used to eliminate all sorts of dirt and gunk from the bore. The lubricating oil and the muzzling cloth are efficient in polishing the surface of the gun.

The Otis Elite Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The Otis Elite cleaning kit contains all the essentials that are required to clean the shotgun in-depth. You can clean the muzzleloader, the magazine of the gun, shotguns as well as rifles using the Otis gun cleaning kit. This gun cleaning kit contains phosphorus bronze brush, patches, slotted tips, cleaning rods, and patch savers, etc.

The gun cleaning kit comes in a weatherproof pouch that contains all the tools within the kit. Each tool has its own space which limits it from getting lost. It also contains memory flex cables as well as thread connectors which makes it highly functional and diverse to use. The small and large obstruction removers are highly beneficial in removing mud from the core of the bore.

The chamber brush as well as the double-sided brush is an efficient way of cleaning the inner walls of the gun. It also contains an opticare lens and various other items to support the cleaning. It also has a solvent that can be used to deeply clean the inner walls of the gun with precision.

All the cleaning brushes are made up of bronze metal to ensure the gun walls and exterior is not scratched.

SPIKA Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit is exemplary in cleaning guns with 12-gauge. This kit comes with minimal pieces but all of them combine to make the kit highly beneficial for cleaning guns. The gun cleaning kit contains items such as a cotton mop, an aluminum rod, one utility brush, one spring brush, a patch holder, a muzzle guard, an adaptor, and a bronze brush.

All of these brushes and tools combine to give extensive cleaning experience like never before. It comes in a plastic box which is waterproof, this kit is extremely functional and easy to use. This kit is very easy to carry and has a durable box that restricts the item with the box from getting lost.

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This kit can clean varying calibers of the shotgun and all tools deeply penetrate with the nozzle to eliminate carbon build-up. In extreme climate situations or when the hunter is surrounded by dust, the function of the gun can be restricted. It is essential to use each tool in the gun with precision to avoid any mishaps. This kit comes with a solvent and cotton mob as well to clean the nozzle quickly.

Hoppe’s Brush/Swab Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The Hoppe’s brush kit is a separate kit that only comes with varying types of brushes to clean the interior as well as the exterior of the gun. The bush kit comes with varying kinds of external brushes such as a cotton brush, a phosphorous bronze cleaning brush as well as a tornado cleaning brush.

All these brushes have varying purposes and are meant to provide deep cleaning. The bronze bore brush is specifically designed to provide precise cleaning without damaging the cervices of the gun. The spiral brush design on the cleaning rod is effective to provide in-depth cleaning and also solve a wide array of cleaning problems.

The spiral design specifically explores the nooks and corners of the gun, knocking off any dirt lingering in the corners. The gun cleaning brushes are specifically designed to provide a varying dimension of the gun. The kit is highly functional and contains three brushes that are made up of distinct material. The cleaning rod is made up of distinct designs and fits the nozzle of varying caliber sizes. This kit is an effective investment and great tools to add to the kit.

Things Included in The Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Bore Brush: The bore brush is the integral tool that is used to clean the barrel of the gun intensely. The bore brush is made up of two kinds of material, one is bronze bore brush and the other in nylon bore brush. The quality of both of them is great, bronze bore brush has a great quality.

The bronze bore brush helps to deeply clean the gun barrel without scratching its interior. The nylon bore brush is of great quality as well but it used to clean more sensitive cervices of the gun as it is gentle.

Double-ended brushes: The double-ended brush looks like a toothbrush on both ends of the holding rod. The double-ended brush is efficient in cleaning the exterior of the firearm as well as other parts of the gun. This brush is specifically good for flicking off the dust, it is made up of varying materials such as nylon, stainless steel, and bronze fibers. You can choose the one which sits well with your gun.

Cleaning swab: The cleaning swab is like a mini duster which can be used to wipe off the leftover residue within the nozzle of the gun. The cleaning swab is made up of cotton material and its fiber is highly efficient in wiping off the excess oil.

Cleaning patches: The cleaning patch is a thin film of cloth which is used with the solvent to deeply clean the bore. The patch is mainly used to penetrate the solvent within the bore, the patch has dissolved the solvent and it is attached to the cleaning rod to penetrate it in the bore. The cleaning patches are also used to dry extract excess oil as well.

Cotton swab: The cotton swab comes within a pack of 100, they are connected to a wooden spatula with cotton connected to the very end. This cotton swab is used for varying purposes such as penetrating solvent on extreme ends.

Luster cloth: The luster cloth is soaked in silicon which is essentially used to wipe down the exterior of the gun. The luster cloth is made up of a muslin cloth that is greased with silicon to lubricate the exterior of the gun. It is an essential part of gun cleaning which should not be missed.

Cleaning jag: The cleaning jag is an essential part of the gun cleaning kit as the cotton is placed between the cervices of the bore and twisted on a 360-degree angle to avoid scratches. The cleaning jag is made up of bronze and nickel, it is essential to make sure all solvent is wiped off to avoid guns from rusting.

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Bore snake: The bore snake is specifically designed to clean the caliber of the gun. The bore snake is rarely added to the kits but it is essential in cleaning the gun each time you fire on the field.

Cleaning rod: The cleaning rod is the most essential part of the gun and it is used as an attachment for various tools. The cleaning rod is made up of diverse materials and comes in varying shapes and sizes. There are five standard sizes of rods that are mostly part of each kit.

Cleaning solvent: The solvent is a type of chemical or solution which is put inside the bore to make sure all the carbon and dust are removed. Mostly the cleaning solvent comes in the form of CLP which can disturb the dermal toxicity. The solvents are of varying kinds and each kit contains a distinct one.

Gun oil: Gun oil is another important lubricant that is used to prevent the gun from rusting. A light coat of oil within the barrel is important to ensure its healthy functioning. However, excess gun oil can be damaging to the gun. Hence, a dry patch is run across the barrel to take off the excess oil.

Slotted-patch holder: Slotted tips are another kind of tool which replaces the cleaning jag. It serves the same purpose but it is more durable and versatile as a tool. You put cotton in the center and twist it to make sure all solvent is removed.

Flashlight: A flashlight is an essential object which is necessary to see deeply within the parts of the tool. The flashlight is an essential fragment that helps to see deeply within the cervices of the gun. Most kits do not add this to the kit but it is necessary.

Muzzle guard: Muzzle guard is a necessary tool that is used to protect the gun from getting scratched due to the cleaning rod. Most people neglect this item within the kit but it is highly essential to make sure that your gun does not endeavor unnecessary scratches. Mostly, this tool is made up of brass, but it can also be made using a different material.

Firearm cleaning mat: A firearm cleaning mat is a tool that is used to primary assemble or disassemble the firearm. This acts as a supporting tool that makes it easier for an individual to obtain a slip-free surface for cleaning the firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be done to restrict the plastic fouling caused within the barrel of a shotgun?

The plastic fouling is unavoidable and it leaves a greyish black cast on the gun. This usually happens due to the combined acidic reaction of the gun when it comes in contact with the plastic. However, wipe your gun down as soon as possible to restrict the staining. Any ordinary solvent and bronze bore brush will be able to remove the stains on the gun with ease.

Should action be stripped when deeply cleaning the gun?

The cleaning and the disassembling of the gun depends upon the number of times you use it per year. Most people are trained professionals or hunters. Hence, they use their gun quite frequently. People who use guns quite often must strip down action once to twice a year.

What measures should be taken before cleaning the gun?

There are some things that need to be considered prior to gun cleaning. One of which is unloading the gun before any cleaning procedure. The magazine should be double-checked and all the bullets should be removed. Clean your gun in a well-ventilated space so that you do not feel suffocated by the solvent smell.

Does a gun need cleaning after every use?

The gun should be cleaned quite frequently as a lot of dust and carbon gets accumulated within it. You should clean wipe the gun each time you fire from it but in-depth cleaning should be performed at least once a month.

Final Verdict

The shotgun cleaning kits is a must for all the shotgun owners as it contains all the tools required for gun cleaning. Investment is a shotgun cleaning kits that is a pleasant idea as it is highly long-lasting and contains a variety of tools to maintain your gun.

A gun is a sensitive device that needs timely cleaning to function well. Great quality products make sure that your gun is cleaned appropriately and all dust is knocked off. A high-quality cleaning tool is mandatory to avoid unnecessary damage or scratches.