Browning Gun safes: Brand Review and Product Offering

Buying a safe, especially if it’s a Browning Gun safe, is much easier than leaving your guns or other priceless valuables at risk. Browning safes are designed and manufactured by Browning ProSteel, a company that has more than three decades of experience in the manufacture of the industry’s leading safes and gun safe-related products.

Each safe produced by this manufacturer has the features and the protection that your valuables need. The manufacturer’s production line has a level of depth that allows you to select the best Browning Gun safe with the exact features you need to provide you with the best protection depending on your situation.

Browning ProSteel safes are designed with an appealing exterior and a tough interior. While you cannot see all the security features responsible for the protection of your valuables, you can rest assured knowing that Browning uses the highs quality materials and industry-leading design and structure in all their safes.

Why buy Browning safes?

If there is one advantage that makes Browning safes stand out from the rest is its features. There are very few other brands of safe that can match the innovation of Browning safes, especially when it comes to maximizing storage, access, and organization inside the safe. The raised floors, external 180 hinges that allow full interior access, and patented Axis and DPS shelving system enhances the safes’ ease of use and convenience of access.

Browning safes are also fitted with the finest locks, the most reliable and protective cam locking systems with the best lock protection barriers and attack-resistant walls in the business. It goes without mentioning that all Browning offers excellent protection against fire since they are designed with multiple layers of high density, fire-resistant insulation, and seals that surround the perimeter of each safe.

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Browning Gun Safes Series (Models)

Wrong choices can have dire consequences, but if you go through the following Browning Safes Models (Series), the selection of the most perfect safe for your needs is guaranteed.

Tactical Series

This is the first tactical series of gun safes ever. The models in this series, including Tactical Mark III MP23 ($1299), Mark III MP23F ($1799), and Mark II AR26 ($2599) are more suitable for storage of special guns or any other firearm that requires special storage requirements. The tactical series of safes offer impressive features like a 60 minutes fire rating at 1200°F and a relatively higher gun capacity.


Some key features in the Pinnacle Series Safes include:
Pricing: $7,499.00 – $5,499 range

  • Fire Rating: 150 Minutes @ 1200°F
  • 59, 43, 43 Long Gun Capacity (PIN63, PIN49, and Respectively PIN41)
  • Body Thickness 0.1875 Ga
  • 16, 16, 14 Active Bolts ((PIN63, PIN49, and Respectively PIN41))
  • Cubic Feet 63, 49, 41 (PIN63, PIN49, and Respectively PIN41)
  • Overall Weight: 1855 lbs, 1515 lbs., 1325 lbs. ((PIN63, PIN49, and Respectively PIN41)
  • Handle Type: Knurled, 5-Spoke, Black Nickel
  • Scene/Graphics: Pinstripe, Corner Graphics
  • Lock System: Gear Drive
  • 2 Uni-Force Cams
  • Gear Drive Lock System


Browning Safes: Medallion Series

The medallion gun safe series offers a 10 gauge steel body, a combination of Omni-Barrier and Uni-Force systems, 90 minutes fire rating at 1200 degrees F, and a new Axis Adjustable Shelving System.

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Some key features in the Medallion Series Safes include:

  • Pricing: $5099.00 – $2899 range
  • 43, 43, 29,59 and Long Gun Capacity (M47, M39, M28, and Respectively M60)
  • 26, 18, 18,26 Active Bolts (M47, M39, M28, and Respectively M60)
  • Cubic Feet 47, 39, 60 (M47, M39, M28, and Respectively M60)
  • Fire Rating: 90 Minutes @ 1200°F
  • Overall Weight: 1425lbs – 855lbs. Range
  • Handle Type: Knurled, 5-Spoke, Black Nickel
  • Scene/Graphics: Pinstripe, Corner Graphics
  • Lock System: Gear Drive
  • 2 Uni-Force Cams
  • Gear Drive Lock System