Browning Tactical Safe Review – The 29 Gun Tactical Vault

In our last post, we looked at the Centurion safe. This week we jump to the top of the industry and assess the Browning Tactical Vault. The 2014 Browning US26F Gun Safe is a truly extraordinary safe that holds an incredible 29 long guns. With the ability to hold any firearm thanks to the adjustable interior, you know you can keep all of your guns secure with ease.

With a scope saver, optics protection, and a large storage capacity, the Browning US26F may be the only safe you’re ever going to need. We review and take a detailed look at this “tank” and see if it makes the grade.

Features and Specifications

This sturdy and strong-looking safe comes with some new features that weren’t present in some older models. The 110-volt internal electric plug is ideal for lighting, security systems and dehumidifiers should your equipment or the air need a little drying out.

The safe also comes with:

  • 11 gauge steel, extended throw locking bolts
  • A 5/16 centimeter thick duo-formed door
  • 10 active bolts
  • Integrated door frame that has been fully reinforced
  • ¼ centimeter chromed locking bolts
  • four-sided door coverage and pry-stop end bolts

These features ensure the contents of your safe are very secure and unauthorized persons will have great difficulty opening your safe.

This good-looking safe also comes with a locking mechanism that shuts the door tight should it detect force. The lock is protected by a hardened steel pin which makes it exceedingly difficult to move, and the electronic lock comes with a five-year limited warranty that ensures you have the confidence you need to store your firearms in this elegant yet strong safe.

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Other specifications are as follows:

  • External: 60 x 30 x 25 inches (H, W, D). With the top basket in place the safe measures 64 inches high.
  • The safe takes up 26 cubic feet and weighs 715 lb.


When it comes to storing your firearms and other valuables, you can be sure the Browning US26F is more than capable of keeping everything secure. The DPX storage system comes with loops that are ideal for guns with short barrels. This helps them to stay in place so they can be stored quickly and easily. The 4 DPX handgun pouches will keep any handgun safe while ensuring you can get at it quickly should you need to.

This safe also comes with a storage basket which allows you to keep a wide variety of items on top of the safe. This section of the safe is not lockable but can be used for those non-essential items you feel are important to keep close to the safe.

The rubber-coated shelves ensure damage is not done to the interior of the safe, but it also ensures your firearms, cartridges, and other belongings are not scratched or damaged by the safe either.

The Picatinny rails are easy to use and are ideal for those times you want to keep some accessories inside the safe.

The small item tray is perfect for those times you need to store small products that could easily be misplaced, and the key fob holder is just the job when you need to store a key safely and easily.

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The side rails and the external accessory rack are ideal when you want to hang some of your items outside of the safe, making them more accessible and freeing up the interior.

A Touch of Style

The Browning US26F gun safe is a very stylish one that has a single handle that looks pretty serious. The Browning name is shown on a stylish nameplate that perfectly complements the dull black finish. This safe will look superb yet sophisticated no matter whether you keep it in your home or your place of work. Without being too big and bulky, this safe lets other people know you take pride in securing your firearms and valuables well.

Extra Feature

The Browning US26F safe also comes with an extra feature in the form of fire protection. Tested at an incredible 1200°F for 75 minutes, the Palusol® expanding fire seal helped to keep the contents of the safe very secure. This can help to bring additional peace of mind as should a fire break out, it’s likely your valuables will be secure for a long time.


The Browning US26F Gun Safe is a remarkable piece of engineering that will keep your guns out of harm’s way, as well as give you the opportunity to store a wide range of accessories inside, on top of, and outside of the safe. This means everything you need to have peace of mind can be to hand almost instantly. This will be the last safe you buy in your lifetime!!

The rubber shelves add that extra layer of protection to your belongings and the safe itself, ensuring there is no unnecessary wear and tear. The 110-volt internal electric plug ensures you have lighting if you need it, which just goes to show that the Browning US26F Gun Safe could well be the only safe you’ll ever need.