Clean Your Gun with WD 40: Is It Good?

Many people implore me to suggest to them about using WD-40 to cleaning guns, so I decided to jot down about it. Besides my personal experience, I inquired with many regular users of WD-40 who are using it for several years about the acknowledgment of their gun’s present disposition.

WD stands for Water Displacement and it has been using for more than a half-century and now it’s not even a single person who holds a gun don’t know about it. It’s known as the man’s ally. Here I can say that not only guns but WD also works like magic for cars, boats, machines, or anything that rusts.

What is WD-40 Prepared of?

Whenever you visit a market to purchase anything, you may see the ingredients are illustrated on the packet or bottle too, so that you can understand the formation of your required stuff. It moreover provides you an alternative to buying that commodity or not to buy, if you are not satisfied with the components in the ingredients roster.

When you go to acquire WD-40, you may notice that the elements on which it is created aren’t inscribed nor told; even nobody knows it’s the formula. So, it’s still unidentified about the blends inside the bottle of WD-40.

Why We Use WD-40?

When you go for a shoot or take out your gun from a safe drawer after a time you may see some moisture inside its parts WD-40 steers out mist from the firearm and prevent freezing your gun from other dusty particles to be stick inside.

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It staves off your gun rotting from rust, if anyone of you has applied it once or twice, you have realized that your gun is perfectly out of rust then and the movement of trigger is flawless. It can also be wielded to slick the parts of the gun and I indicate you to pertain it after the thorough cleaning of a firearm.

It will deter additional moisture to quit stabbing your gun and also help to eliminate the gunk and corrosion which encompasses the adequate enactment of guns. WD-40 is a unique combination of greases and is formulated to wipe out rust and clammy substance huddled in the gun but it is not capable to use for cleaning guns.

Why it doesn’t clean when it helps to remove ooze from the gun?

It is only made to mist off the sticky substance, not achieve the compiled steps of gun cleaning.

Previously, when there were no antidotes introduced for cleaning guns, people often use WD-40 to remove the dirt inside of the gun, but they cannot be able to clean it on the whole. This solution leads their guns quite dry and inactive in performance.

Due to this, many types of research went on and then some specific oils and mixtures initiated in the market for the ethical and comprehensive gun cleaning afterward the cleaning of gun improvised and many trademarks inaugurated their gun cleaning kits and community strode towards the new openings and fled borrowing WD-40 which was bringing about their gunshots dormant especially in winter and dry seasons.

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Using WD-40, bring your gun vicinity dry which captivates surplus of dirt on it and that is why it is highly proposed to people who use it on their gun, to use a better oil mixture which is specifically formulated for gun cleaning right after it so that your gun may prevent from other major problems of interpretation.


In my point of view, WD-40 is not a better choice when there are already many remedies specially designed for cleaning up your firearm. It may slightly ruin off your gun’s disposition and it’s a tendency to shoot, you will feel a passive impact of it after pertaining it on the gun.

In case you are not accessible of gun cleaning oil and you are compelled to use it then you must wipe out all the WD’s solution after applying it on the gun, then neat your gun with the formal mixture and after the entire cleaning procedure conducted, must gloss all the facets of the gun with lubricant, plunge them for few moments.

Leave all the parts of the gun in organized for some period until the lubricant can grease even a single nook of each part. Afterward, reassemble the gun and check the credibility of it, whether it’s up to the mark or not. If you feel any discomfort, do not try to shoot with it.