GunVault Gun Safes: Brand Review and Product Offering

GunVault has been the leading innovator in the development of quick access safes and any other security solution for firearms and prized possessions for over 20 years. The manufacturer offers revolutionary designs of gun safes that are equally as fast as it is discreet.

One of the best ways to enjoy top security privileges of your handguns, peace of mind, and safety in the home is to own a GunVault gun safe. Actually, it is what sets GunVault’s products apart from the rest of the industry. Note: GunVault safes are now owned by Cannon Safes.

It is important to mention that GunVault manufactures safes equipped with the latest security technologies, such as biometric security solutions as well as the patented no-eyes keypad sequence option that provide lightning-quick access to your safe. GunVault recognizes that security and dependability are imperative to you and that’s why GunVault safes are fitted with the features you need.

Advantages of a GunVault Gun safe

GunVault products are built with heavyweight steel for a durable exterior finish, with a variety to suit your exact needs. For added security, GunVault gun safes function with a high-tech locking system that ensures that your gun safe securely locks at all times. The lock can also release quickly when activated with the correct combination and hence provides you with eases of access and maximum security.

Exact fittings make each GunVault gun safe and pry-resistant while their compact designs make such a safe easy to fix about anywhere. Actually, nearly all GunVault safes are the ideal choice for both home and office use. Additionally, the optional biometric technology, for instance, the use of a biometric scanner for fingerprints in most GunVault safes helps ensure that only authorized individuals can access your safe’s contents.

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Actually, each gun safe manufactured by GunVault is based on the manufacturer’s motto, “safe, quick, strong, and smart”. For instance, keeping your firearms and valued items in a strong and easy-to-access safe is the smart thing to do.

GunVault Gun Safes Series

Click each tab below to review the various GunVault models:

NanoVault Series

This series mainly comprises portable gun-safe models suitable for handguns and all kinds of priceless items such as cell phones, wallets and jewelry. It features a handy locking system, a 1.25-inch memory foam interior that keeps your treasures from any form of damage or scratch and secure from annoying grabbers.

Also, each model under the NanoVault series comes complete with 1500 pound security cable such that when you wrap it around any stable object, the NanoVault and its contents will be firmly attached.

Other security features include up to 20 gauge steel construction, a backup override key included, and audio and LED low battery warning. The most common NanoVault models are; NanoVault NV 100 ($34.99), NV 200 ($39.99) and NV 300 (44.99). These models are suitable for travel or use by concealed-weapon permit holders.

Some key features in the NanoVault Series include :

  • Easy to operate Key Lock System
  • 1,500-lb. test security cable
  • perfect for concealed-weapon permit holders.
  • 18, 18, and 20 gauge steel construction (NV 300 NV200, and NV100)
  • 1/2-inch per side thick memory foam interior
  • Backup keys
  • Single pistol capacity