Handgun Safes Review: Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe

The Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe is good for personal protection due to its speed of access to the firearm. However, the same things that make it good for that purpose essentially may make it too limited to accommodate any other firearm storage need you may have.

Realize that this gun safe serves a very specific market need, and determine if you may want to invest in a more substantial gun safe if speedy access to a pistol is not your chief requirement in choosing how to store your firearm. On the plus side is the price. This is a relatively inexpensive gun safe, running at $200 or less from many retailers. This makes it very affordable and is one of the reasons we had to review this safe.


The Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe weighs 8.2 pounds and has dimensions of 6.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 13 inches. The SpeedVault SV500 is made in the United States of America, and the material is 18-gauge steel. This model requires one nine-volt battery. It also comes with a backup override key in case of battery failure.

Features Summary

  • 4-Button Digital Keypad
  • Multiple mounting options (Perfect for Desk Mounting)
  • 18-gauge steel construction
  • The backup override key included
  • Audio and LED low battery warning


Measuring 6.5 by 3.5 by 13 inches, this sleek safe provides secure storage of a pistol while also being discreet and easily accessible. This is the ideal safe for someone who only wants to secure one handgun for personal protection at his or her home or business.

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This gun safe does have some problems, however. When the correct code is entered, the spring-loaded drop box containing the pistol makes a conspicuous mechanical whirring. There is also a bright internal light triggered when the door opens.

More worrisome, there is no automatic warning for low battery life, as with, say, a smoke detector. The battery on this gun safe only alerts you that it’s low if you press a button on the keypad. You may also need your own toolkit to mount this item on a wall or desk.

Also, 18-gauge steel would be no match for many handheld saws, so your pistol could be at risk.

Final Assessment

• Our rating:  out of 5 Stars


  • Price, very affordable
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Quick and easy access with secure storage
  • Will Keep your gun out of reach to children
  •  Interior light


  • Relatively thin 18-gauge steel construction
  • Does not fit with longer barrel pistols and only stores a single pistol

The Takeaway

This gun safe is designed to fit a very specific need and it does that quite well. If your handgun is compact enough to fit in the casing, this will provide security and easy access. But the low price tag necessitates the use of thinner steel, and 18 gauge steel will not prevent a determined thief from gaining access to your pistol.

This works as a reliable second gun safe or single gun safe. This also is perfect for desk mounting or other specialized areas.  If you are a serious gun collector, with dozens of firearms this may not be a good fit (for obvious reasons). In this case, we encouraged you to invest in something more substantial to store other firearms and components.