The 8 Best Horizontal Gun Safe: Pistols, Rifle, and Shotgun

Looking for best horizontal gun safe box for pistols, riffles and shotguns? A gun safe is crucial when it comes to storing and securing your guns. Gun is a sensitive device that needs to be kept safe like under bed, wall rack and unreachable for the kids or someone that can make unnecessary use out of it.

The horizontal gun safe is quite easy to maintain and keep well because it is not battery operated. Battery operated devices need constant maintenance for them to work well.

When it comes to selecting the gun safe one should always look for a durable gun safe to keep their guns protected for longer. There are quite a few guns safe available that have a high defense vault and ensure maximum gun protection.

Most gun keepers suggest horizontal gun case as essential as it has a flat outlay which is easy to store in tight spaces such as under the bed. There are also LED light gun safes that help better visuals as well as have high quality and reliability.

Short Reviews Best Horizontal Gun Safe

There are various horizontal gun safes available in the market but Fort Knox PB6 gun sage seems to be the most favored one. This gun safe is the popular choice of most people due to its storage and overall great features.

The other popular one is Monster Vault gun safe which has slowly become the ultimate choice due to increased functionality and longevity. The AM SEC under the bed vault is another one of the most bought guns safe due to its storage solution and utmost reliability.

Monster Vault Under Bed Biometric Gun Safe

Gun safe plays a pivotal role in maintaining the life of your gun. It is impeccable to choose a gun safe that is sturdy and will protect the exterior of your gun well. The monster vault dual lock gun safe is an exemplary device that plays an essential role in various gun owner’s life.

This gun safe is a standard size which helps you to store moderate-sized guns within it. It’s hard exterior is worth appreciating as it is so dense that it keeps the gun from getting damaged. The exterior of this box is made up of cold-rolled steel which is known for its properties. The internal area of the gun safe is padded properly to cushion the gun.

The storage space within the gun safe is 3 cubic which allows an individual to store up to 100 pounds worth weighted guns. This gun safe is constructed keeping in mind the analogies of a user as it has a slide-out drawer which allows an individual to easily retrieve the gun without any difficulties. It has a digitally programmed lock which is quite efficient in securing the gun.

Key Features:

  • Cold rolled steel exterior
  • Cushioned internal area
  • Digitally programmed lock
  • 100-pound worth storage

American Security Biometric Horizontal Gun Safe

A gun safe is primary when it comes to protecting your guns properly. Many people have to face quite a lot of difficulties as they do not really pay attention to the storage of the gun. If you are someone who owns a gun it is quite essential to get a gun safe to avoid hazardous situations or any damages to the gun itself.

The American security defense vault gun safe is the primary choice for most gun owners in America as it is highly durable and has an extreme good-quality. This gun safe is manufactured in the USA and it is constructed with significant concentration on the exterior design. The size of the gun safe is standard in which you will be able to store medium to moderate-sized guns.

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It has a retractable tray which makes the gun retrieval process extremely easy. This gun safe is constructed with hardcore steel and has four pre-made anchor holes for added support. This gun safe also has an efficient locking mechanism that allows a user to lock the safe and disable any unauthorized access.

Key Features:

  • Efficient locking mechanism
  • Solid steel outer body
  • Retractable tray
  • Easy storage

Gun Casket Horizontal Shotgun Safe

When looking for a gun safe it is essential to keep all the pointers in mind. The gun casket fast opening gun safe is a primary and most basic gun safe that every gun owner should own. This gun safe comes in a sell black color which looks like a decorative piece on the outside but it is highly functional on the inside.

The shotgun gun safe has a smart electronic lock that allows a user to open and close it as quickly as possible. Apart from quick functioning, it requires no key as the key can get lost or someone can utilize it for unauthorized access. The total length of the gun casket gun safe is 50 inches which are quite enough to store various sizes of guns. The best shotgun cleaning kits review article here.

Increased emphasis is given to the construction material of the gun safe so that it lasts longer. The whole gun safe is made with anodized aluminum which makes sure that the gun safe does not rust. The rust can affect the gun stored inside, hence; a user should always opt for something that would not rust easily. It has a slim and sleek design that allows the user to store it under the bed or behind the door without crowding the place.

Key Features:

  • Sleek black color
  • Slim design
  • Rust-proof material
  • 50-inch wide space

SentrySafe Digital Keypad Metal Gun Safe

SentrySafe fireproof safe is an efficient device that is utilized by a variety of users to keep their essentials safe. This gun safe is a highly mechanized device that works with efficiency to protect the gun. The external and internal hardware of the gun safe is given special focus to allow smooth functioning. This is a fireproof safe which keeps all the content inside it safe in all conditions.

It is operated through triple-A alkaline batteries which have long battery life and it keeps running for an extensive period of time. The AAA alkaline batteries are easily available which allows the customer to replace them quickly.

It also has live-locking bolts to ensure the safe secure locking mechanism. The safe has a digital combination that allows secure functioning and authentic lock settings. It has almost a 10 years warranty which is sufficient for gun safe investment. It can easily store small to medium-sized guns and only you can have the authorized access to the content within it.

Key Features:

  • 10-year premium warranty
  • AAA alkaline batteries
  • Live-locking bolts
  • Sturdy manufacturing material

SentrySafe Biometric Lock Gun Safe

Many of the people in the world are excessively fond of guns. There are many people who own the gun for various purposes some for a hobby, some for protection and some for security purposes. However, owning the gun may seem easy, but maintaining and securing it is an unconventional task. You need to properly take care of the valuable items in order to make them last longer.

The SentrySafe gun safe is an automated device that comes with a biometric lock. This is a genius invention as a gun is a highly sensitive device that needs to keep away from people’s eyes as much as possible. The biometric lock ensures that there is no one else who is going to access the gun without your authorized permission.

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The whole gun safe is made up of solid steel with a pry-resistant door. This makes sure that no one is able to break through the safe no matter how hard they try. It has a decent size which means you can store ample amounts of guns and it is AAA alkaline battery operated. Typically, the warranty of the SentrySafe is 10-years which is adequate when compared with the investment.

Key Features:

  • An extensive warranty
  • AAA alkaline battery operated
  • Sufficient size
  • Durable

V-Line Horizontal Gun Security Case

There are some of the key things that one needs to take care of when buying a gun safe. Gun safe holds a lot of value for people who like to collect valuable items such as guns. Guns are an expensive item and it is essential to protect them all ways.

The gun can also be a deadly device, hence; it is essential to keep them secured and out of reach when not in use. The gun safe is an efficient tool to help you in the task of securing and maintaining. The V-Line top drawer security case is one of the most demanded guns safe. The gun safe is a keyless device with a mechanized automated locking system.

In this safe, you do not need any batteries as it operates without it. This saves the user from the hassle of exchanging batteries again and again. This gun safe is approved by the department of justice. It has a pry-resistant design which makes it extremely sturdy and safe to use. Its outer and inner parts are constructed using high-quality steel to guarantee its longevity.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting
  • Pry resistant design
  • Hard-core steel body
  • Sleek black shade

Viking Security Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

The Viking security safe has created its own special space in the hearts of gun owners due to its impeccable features. This safe is made by integrating several smart mechanisms such as digital keypad which allows seamless typing without having an actual keypad space. The digital biometric technology makes this device highly safe to store valuables.

Apart from the actual features, this company is highly cooperative and delivers the item within 10 days with an easy return policy. This has an optic sensor along with a non-volatile memory which enables an individual to efficiently guard their items with ease.

It also has a smart LCD display which displays all the numbers and figures in front of you to avoid any misconception. The gun safe requires at least one biometric entry and proper password change so that no one is able to break into the safe illegally. It also consists of a sound program that notifies the user with a beeping sound if the safe is left open.

It has a seamless welding finish along with proper welding to withhold the safe quality. The safe is integrated with LED light as well as has a one-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • One-year warranty
  • Internal LED lights
  • Seamless welding finish
  • Automated biometric code

Barska Fingerprint Gun Safe Box

We all own something valuable that constantly concerns us regarding its safety or security. Gun is one of those items that cannot be kept in the open as it can cause some serious damage. Gun safes or safe, in general, are essential for the peace of the owner’s mind as well as the safety of the concerning possession.

BARSKA biometric fingerprint safe box falls among the best safes to keep the valuable items secure. This safe comes with a biometric module of 120 fingerprints which is effective yet super easy to implement. There is an optional silent mode which ensures that there is an efficient defense mechanism without any disturbance. It has pry-resistant deadbolts made up of steel for strong protection.

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The gun safe is made up of solid steel which allows an individual to keep it for a longer period of time without exchanging it. This safe box comes with mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes for the ease of the user. The motorized deadbolts are super simple to use and you can rearrange the safe with ease anytime. Find here also gun cleaning box for buyers guide.

Key Features:

  • 120-fingerprints biometric module
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Motorized bolts
  • Solid construction

Why Should We Use a Horizontal Gun Safe?

If you are a gun owner it is essential to keep the gun safe because it keeps your device protected from various situations. Some of the reasons why we should use horizontal gun safe are mentioned as follows.

Gun Security

Owning a gun comes with a lot of responsibility as it is a highly sensitive tool. A horizontal gun safe is an easy solution as it keeps the tool protected at all costs. It comes with a smart mechanism that ensures that no one has easy access to your tool without you issuing the access.

Limited Unauthorized Access

The protection mechanism within a gun safe is primary to make sure that no individual accesses your private possession. The digital code and passwords allow the individual to efficiently establish a protection mechanism without spending lots of money.

Child Safety

Guns are a highly unsafe device for children and it should be kept away from children at all costs. The child safety mechanism in horizontal gun safe keeps the child access restricted and it can be easily stored under the bed away from children’s eyes.

Retractable Tray

The horizontal tray comes with a retractable tray which allows the user to easily access their gun. The sliding tray is easy to remove and glide when possession is required. The horizontal gun safe is overall quick and efficient.

Big Capacity

The horizontal gun safe works efficiently for all gun types due to its long and slender design. You can easily store medium, large, and small-sized guns with no storage issue.

Extensive Warranty

Usually, a gun safe has up to a minimum of 5 years of warranty which is quite extensive as per the investment.

Frequently asked questions

Can we keep our ammunition in a horizontal gun safe?

You can put ammunition in the gun safe, but it is essential to keep the ammunition wrapped in an ammo can as ammo can help to keep the ammunition intact. It is highly important to seal the container even if you are storing it into the gun safe to protect it in an effective manner.

Can we store guns safely in our garage?

It is good to keep them safe in a more protected place, but if a garage is the only option make sure it is stored in a closed environment.

Where can I keep my gun safe?

You can easily keep your horizontal gun safe under the bed or any tight space that you feel safer in your room.

Is the dehumidifier required in a gun safe?

Yes! Every gun space requires a dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture that can keep the internal things rust-free.

Final Verdict

If you own a gun it is important to take sufficient safety measures so that no damage is made to the surrounding. Ultimately it all boils down to having a safe that is functional in keeping your possession safeguarded. There are numerous guns safe in the market, analyze your requirements, and then look for the one that best fits your needs. We have mentioned quite a few horizontal gun-safe options above to assist the user in their quest.