Liberty Safe: Brand Review and Product Offering

If you want to join more than one million homeowners who’ve realized the peace of mind that comes with owning a state-of-the-art gun safe like Liberty safe, then you need to get yourself one now. Each Liberty gun safe is designed and built by Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc., founded in 1988.

From a small company that started by building safes in rental storage units, Liberty Safe has grown massively and is currently occupying a 23-acre facility in Payson, Utah. It is surprising to note that Liberty Safe started by making a few safes a day but nowadays it produces more than 300 safes daily.

With over 23 years of unmatched experience, there is nothing like Liberty, especially when it comes to protection. Liberty Safe is America’s number one manufacturer of the best heavy-duty safes for both commercial and residential uses.

Ideally, gun safes produced by this manufacturer are backed up with a lifetime warranty and are truly the only safes in the industry that are considered to be sturdy with unparalleled prices. In fact, recent research has revealed that a Liberty Safe is the hallmark by which other safes are measured.

They are built to withstand the hottest fires and unrelenting assaults by safe hackers.

Benefits of Buying a Liberty Safe

Buying a  safe for both commercial and residential use is one of the best choices you will ever make. As a matter of fact, there is nothing imperative like buying a sturdy Liberty safe. There are more than 22 models that have been highly rated by former consumers as the best safes around.

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Buying a gun safe is not only about its security features but its anesthetic features have to be considered also. For this reason, there are more than 2 dozen colors of Liberty safes to choose from, based on your home’s or office’s décor and your most preferred color that best suits your taste and preference. Basically, a great selection is a key advantage that comes with buying a Liberty safe

Unlike most safe manufacturers, Liberty Safe offers a lifetime warranty for every safe purchased from its authorized dealers and its online store. It is true to say that this type of warranty is hard to come by, especially from any other safe manufacturing company.

For instance, if your safe has ever experienced attempted forced intrusion or fire, Liberty will replace or repair it at no extra cost given that it has a pool of highly qualified technicians. However, Liberty’s lifetime warranty is not transferable but the purpose it serves is to guarantee you peace of mind.

Liberty Safe Series

Click each tab below to review the various Liberty Gun Safes:

Revere Series

If you are looking for the best safes, particularly if you are on a budget, Liberty’s Revere safes can be your best option. To increase the pry protection of the safe models under this series, active bolts are added to the tough interior hinges.

Other top features of any Revere series model include a steel gusset, a 2-piece roll form body, 3-point spoke handle, and side bolt coverage. Some of the highly rated Revere series models are; Revere 20 ($999), 23 ($1209), and 30($1329). However, additional shipping costs may apply depending on the difficulty of the safe’s delivery.

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Some key features in the Revere Series include :

  • Fire Rating protection of 45 minutes @ 1200°F
  • Price: $999, 1209, 1329 Range (RV20. RV23, RV30 respectively)
  • weight: 440lbs, 485lbs, 540lbs (RV20. RV23, RV30 respectively)
  • Granite & Gray Marble Colors
  • 7, 8, 8 Door Bolt (RV20. RV23, RV30)
  • 3-Point Handle vs. Single Point
  • Fabric and Fully Upholstered Interior
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty