Mesa Safe: Brand Review and Product Offering

Mesa safes are manufactured by Mesa Safe Company, established in 1981, this manufacturer has taken pride in designing and production of high-quality and secure safes. The company was founded by George L. Vincente, who started working in the safes industry at the age of 16 after being hired by a local locksmith. It’s quite interesting to note that George started Mesa Safe Company after years of running his own locksmith company, and is still currently operating it up to date.

As a locksmith, George L. Vincente broke into safes, legally, and after about 40 years of experience in the safes industry, he settled on designing an all-steel safe, the Mesa safe. As a matter of fact, it is true to say that breaking into a Mesa safe requires much more than just mere strength. This is due to a combination of Mesa safe’s excellent locking system and all-steel body construction that guarantees the security of your guns and other valuables.

Advantages of a Mesa safe

The most important way of ensuring the security of your valuables and guns against burglary is by keeping them in a safe, especially a Mesa safe.  The full line of Mesa safes is constructed with an all-steel body specifically designed for hunters and anyone who has multiple long guns.

Industry Experience

Mesa safes are also designed to be operated by authorized users only and hence can keep your valuables free from unauthorized. A Mesa safe keeps your assets safe because it is designed, built, and secured by a former Master locksmith who gained his experience breaking into safes (legally). His experience in the industry brings an enhanced perspective to the product. This is because they understand the minds of intruders and what it takes to stop them from gaining entry.

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Mesa Safe Company offers a warranty that guarantees you a safe free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of one year. However, this warranty is not transferable and only applies to an original buyer with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. This means that if your Mesa gun safe suffers damage due to fire or theft within the specified period, the manufacturer will replace or repair it at no extra cost.

Mesa Gun Safe Series

MBF Series

This is Mesa’s biggest series of gun safes that help protect your firearms and other valuables through a combination of all the key security features. As mentioned earlier, an all-steel body construction, 12 gauge, is the commonest security feature in all the four models under this series.

Each model has been tested and verified to survive a high degree of heat, 1-hour fire rating up to 1750 degrees F, and hence it helps you to ensure that the safe’s contents remain intact and operable in case of an inferno. Such safes are also designed with a rigid body that can stand a 2 story fall.

Anchoring and Interior

Additionally, each safe in the MBF series is designed with 4 anchor holes that enable the safe owner to secure it safely for a confident placement. You can also adjust each safe’s interior storage to suit your own convenience because each MBF gun safe comes with unique storage capabilities like an adjustable interior shelving system that enables you to create your own custom interior organization.

Such an organization can be made to accommodate valuables and firearms (handguns, rifles, or shotguns) in a manner that enhances accessibility. In addition, the safe has fully upholstered walls, shelves, and door panels. Also, the versatility of the MBF gun series inside racking can be organized to fit your specific needs without much hassle.

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Mesa Safe Additional features

Other key security features include Mesa gun safe’s optional battery-activated electronic lock with a customize-able keypad code and a programmable time delay with a spring-reloaded relocking device that’s punch activated. The width of the locking bolts is large, at 1.5 inches long and hence ensures that the safe’s door is firmly shut to protect against forced entry.

As mentioned earlier, Mesa offers 4 different kinds of top-rated models under the MBF series of gun safes. These models include:

  • MBF5922E ($887)
  • MBF6030E ($1097)
  • MBF6032E ($1235).
  • MBF7236E ($1591)

Click the Tabs below to view the different models:

Some key features in the MBF5922E Series include :

  • Fire Rating: 1 hour @ 1750° Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 505 lbs
  • Fully Upholstered Interior.
  • Four anchor holes are provided to secure your safe to the floor or counter
  • Decorative 5-Spoke brass handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 12 bolt locking
  • Advanced electronic lock in classic brass finish. Protected by drill-resistant hard plate.