Rhino & Bighorn Safe: Brand Review and Product Offering

The rising cases of burglary and fire disasters have made it even more critical that gun owners should not live without a high-quality safe. Are you looking for an affordable Quality made gun safe for both home and office use? Rhino Metals Inc., a US-owned safe manufacturing company, offers some of the most affordable and high-quality Bighorn and Rhino safes (both considered its trademarks).

In addition to the production of a series of quality gun safes and vaults, Rhino Metals is the original manufacturer of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for a couple of industry-leading companies in a variety of industries.

Rhino Metals Inc. is based in Caldwell, Idaho, and produces rock-solid and heavy-body construction gun safes with relatively higher fire ratings. The majority of Bighorn and Rhino is built with 3mm steel. Your asset needs protection and losing your valuables is not an option. Rhino Metals’ line of products just might be safe for you.

Why choose to buy a Rhino or Bighorn safe?

One of the greatest benefits that come with owning a high-quality Rhino/ Bighorn safe is their fire rating and Body construction. Each Rhino/ Bighorn safe is fitted with heat-activated door seals and designed with at least two layers of fire-rated sheetrock to provide the needed levels of fire protection.

When comparing the safes, it is highly recommended that you should consider the weight of the safe and its thickness is given that a vast majority of Rhino or Bighorn safes use different amounts of sheetrock for fire protection. However, fire protection levels greatly depend on the model and can be as much as 70 minutes for heat up to 1200 degrees F.

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Another good reason why you should buy a Rhino or Bighorn safe is the fact that each safe is designed and built with security features that make it hard for intruders to break into it. Such features include:

  • Extra thick 3mm doors
  • UL listed electronic lock with a 3-layer armored hard plate to protect it
  • Massive door bolts and for added security and durability

These and other features guarantee the security of your guns and other priceless belongings because they make it virtually impossible to pry the safe open.


The limited lifetime warranty covers defects in workmanship and material on either electric or manual locks. However, locks and electronic keypads carry a 1-year warranty for labor and parts. Also, the warranty does not cover forgotten or lost combinations, dead or weak batteries, or improper opening procedures.

Rhino Metals, Inc. Product Line

Although Rhino and Bighorn safes are manufactured by the same manufacturer, Rhino Metals, Inc., they have different security and anesthetic features that set them apart.

Bighorn Safe

The majority of Bighorn gun safes are some of the best value you can find. Each Bighorn safe is fitted with outstanding security features such as a 3mm thick steel body, external hinges that allow for a full 180 degrees swing radius, oversized hinges, up to 70-minute fire rating, 5 spoke handle, and an interior lined with excellent quality fabric that’s fully adjustable. Basically, with Bighorn safes, you can find a high-quality finish and fit you would expect to find in other safes costing twice as much.

Bighorn Classic Series

This is the best series with the best Bighorn gun safe models with state-of-the-art features like attack resistant external hinge system, 2 internal relocking devices on manual locks and 1 internal relocking device on electric locks, massive door bolts, plush adjustable interior, and certified protective lining. Some safes under this series include 5928EC ($899), 5928ELC ($999) and 5928ECC-SPL ($889).

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Rhino Safe

Rhino safes are some of  America’s highest quality gun safes designed and built for the consumer. The safes are meticulously and detailed, with exclusively patented security features, the specs you expect from the Bighorn series, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Rhino XP Series

The rhino safes under this series have a very good fire rating of about 2.5 hours and are also rich in key security features that are patented. Other key features in this series include a pry-resistant door, U.L. certified residential security container, automatic Lock bolt detent, plush adjustable interior, patented positive locking system, and patented anti-tamper linkage. It is also very interesting to note that the models under the Rhino XP series come in different colors for both the interior and exterior. Some models include Rhino XP 5932, 5942, and 7142.

Bighorn Safe

Some key features in the Bighorn Safe include:

Price: $899 – $2300

  • Weight: 350lbs – 1400lbs
  • Fire Rating: 30 – 250 minutes @ 1200°
  • Locking Mechanism: Manual or Electric
  • U.L. Certified Residential Security Container
  • Meets or exceeds the CADOJ acceptable gun safe standards
  • Attack Resistant External Hinge System
  • Drill-Resistant Armor
  • Internal Relocker
  • Massive 1″, 1 1/4″, or 1 1/2″ Diameter Doorbolts
  • Thick Composite Door / 1 1/2″ Thick Formed Front.
  • Plush Adjustable Interior
  • Certified Protective Lining
  • Seamless Continuously Welded body
  • Pry Resistant Door